The project in Italy was created to accommodate and find solutions to the many requests for help that come to us from the Hemophilia Centres, sometimes in emergency situations. It is aimed at hemophilia patients in critical personal situations relating to social problems; we provide them with organisational and logistical assistance in the coordination with the health institutions, and cover the resulting incidental costs.

Our interventions are regulated according to the needs of the individual patient.They are immediate and effective thanks to all the resources available to us and used by us (skills, information, instruments and facilities, living quarters), and to the network of referrals, contacts and collaborations we have built up which is now consolidated, prompt and efficient.

Within this national project our assistance may be sporadic, or it may be continuous over time, and generally speaking the objective is achieved in all the cases we manage. In a few situations the assistance to one patient leads to a structured and extended project that benefits a large number of haemophiliacs, in line with the Fondazione Paracelso vision.

The assistance provided to patients – adults and children – is immensely varied, including: access to rehabilitation (in hospital, as an outpatient or at home, whether through the national health system of privately); organising medical examinations and hospital admissions liaising with pre-eminent medical facilities all over the country; supplying and donating walking aids; ambulance or other special means of transport; advice about the benefits provided under disability laws; support for school attendance and study.

Thanks to this project, Fondazione Paracelso support about 80 patients a year.


The project is carry out with the support of Novo Nordisk.




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