Fodazione Paracelso has launched the 2013 awareness campaign.
The Foundation’s message, in spite of Hemophilia, as the manifesto says, states our objective: to propose a new way of thinking hemophilia, to inform and build up a habit of knowledge so that the subject of hemophila leaves the confined circles of places of treatment and circulates freely also among those who are not directly involved with it, increasing awareness, understanding and knowledge, even just starting from its needs and the responses to these needs that Fondazione Paracelso’s projects can supply.
The campaign is made up of a series of play tools and initiatives that will culminate in the symposium organised by Fondazione Paracelso to mark World Hemophilia Day on 17 April 2013.
An important stage in the campaign was the conception and creation of a box, which has already been sent to Hemophilia Centres all over Italy. Specialists at the Centres will hand this box of toys, etc., to parents of the little patients, who can also benefit from the We start young project. Inside the box mum and dad will find a packet of sweets, an “existential integrator”, playing cards describing how many opportunities life can provide in spite of hemophilia and, the necessary information for entering the campaign’s Facebook profile for sending in a short tale in order to take part in the creation of an e-book of micro-stories on the theme of hemophilia. The proceeds from the sales of the e-book, to which anyone who wishes to do so may contribute, will be used for activities with a direct effect on the wellbeing of hemophiliacs and the members of their families. Specially designed urns have been placed in all Hemophilia Centres for the collection of the tales.

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