Fondazione Paracelso announces its second Bando 100K competition for the presentation of research and clinical care in the field of hemophilia and similar pathologies in accordance with Article 2 of its Charter.
The purpose of the competition is to foster and support initiatives that are of visible benefit to patients and families, in connection with the work done by the Hemophilia Centre network, Fondazione Paracelso will grant each winning project a total three-year co-financing of up to 100,000 €.
Putting the patient at the centre and giving him a leading role in the path to good health are the points that must guide action and must be at the basis of the projects. In fact the Paracelso Foundation is engaged in promoting a cultural approach to the management of disease that goes further than merely compensating for the missing factor. We believe an extraordinary effort is called for from all, in the light of both the difficulties in healthcare at local level, which still turn too many patients into so-called “health commuters” and the critical situation of regional healthcare systems, which herald possible limitations in providing treatment. The aim is to improve the clinical and social care provided for hemophilia sufferers and their families in Italy by the various components of the system (specialised centres, local medical services, etc.)

In 2013, 9 projects were submitted and evaluated by a committee of independent referees. The winners of the second edition of Bando 100K are:

  • IL PAZIENTE EMOFILICO: TRATTAMENTO IN EMERGENZA, Centro Emofilia Ospedale Santa Maria della Misericordia, Perugia.
  • MI PIACE SE TI MUOVI. PROMUOVERE L'ATTIVITÀ MOTORIA NEI BAMBINI AFFETTI DA EMOFILIA, Clinica Pediatrica "F. Vecchio" - Università degli Studi di Bari "Aldo Moro".

Fondazione Paracelso will support proponents in order to launch activities within the first months of 2015. more...

The first edition of Bando 100k dates back to 2010. Considering the importance of the projects that have been presented, the Board of Directors decided an extraordinary commitment by funding 3 projects:

  • Muoviamoci Project, Orthopaedic and Trauma UOSD, IRCCS Ospedale Maggiore, Milano;
  • Home Assistance Project, "Angelo Bianchi Bonomi" Haemophilia Centre, Milano;
  • Hemonline Project, Haemophilia Centre – Haemostasis and Thrombosis Service, Reggio Calabria.


The main purpose of this project, initiated by Dr Luigi Solimeno, head of the Orthopaedia and Traumatology unit at the Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico in Milan, is to provide medical assistance to patients without regular access to an orthopaedic surgeon by carrying out a thorough specialist assessment. The ultimate goal is to draw up clinical and surgical guidelines intended for the health professionals all over Italy involved in assisting haemophilic patients.

The interdisciplinary team dedicates days to examining the patients at the Hemophilia Centres participating in the program, gathering information about their musculoskeletal condition, suggesting a rehabilitation program or if necessary an operation, and evaluating the results.

The information will go to make up an Italian Register of Major Orthopaedic Surgery (IREMOS) for the purpose of translating the project results into tangible clinical benefits for patients suffering from hemophilia, providing clear data on the standards of therapy currently available and possible achievable improvements.


The main objective of this project, submitted by Dr Elena Santagostino of the "Angelo Bianchi Bonomi" Hemophilia Centre in Milan, is to provide home help for patients who have difficulty getting to the Centre due to physical or social limitations; the secondary objective is to gather information on the social and medical context of each person, so the assistance program can be adjusted according to their individual needs.

In the course of the project a nurse and a social worker will work as a pair and follow a program of home visits to patients in need of assistance.

As part of the project there will be an assessment of the patient's level of satisfaction with the Hemophilia Centre's services and any unmet needs will be identified.



This project is intended to ensure a remote home help service by a staff of professionals (doctors expert in hemophilia, physiotherapists, statisticians and psychologists) coordinated by Dr Gianluca Sottilotta, head of the Reggio Calabria Hemophilia Centre. The purpose of the project is to offer a continuing assistance program, to be carried out partly via portable computers equipped with USB sticks with prepaid internet connection which will be available to the haemophilic patients.

Patients have the phone and email contact details for the staff, and are initially given a specialist examination including physiotherapy assessment; home services also include the taking of blood samples and delivery of the patient's therapy plan.

These projects are wholely supported by Fondazione Paracelso


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