Doctor Solimeno has chosen New York City Marathon for both the striking scenery and the challenge that the Marathon itself represents for the competitors. Furthermore it has been possible to verify if hemophilic patients with total joint replacement who have undertaken specific training and have been properly physically and clinically assessed were able to participate in endurance sport events without bleeding or joint damage. It all began from the challenge of making hemophilic patients with total joint replacement reach high prestational levels without compromising the success of the orthopedics;in order to do the workout was necessary to improve the physical fitness and efficiency. Medical exams to the athletes have be done periodically at 3-6-9 months in order to avoid complications to the prosthetic joints. Fitness exams have be done after 4-5 months and before the NYC Marathon, those allowed to keep track of progresses achieved and to modify the training program depending on how the musculoskeletal of the patients was responding. Training was tailored for every patient and sessions of physiotherapy preventing stress caused by the physical activity. All the patients taking part to the program were able to complete the training and finish the NYC Marathon that was held on the 1st of November 2015.

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Realized thanks to the unconditioned contribution of Novo Nordisk.

Thanks also to: Baxter, Achilles International, Vertical Life, Sport Town, Base Running, Subema.

A warm thanks also to: Pier Solimeno, Elisa Mancuso, Eleonora Forneris, Denise Bestetti who contributed to our athletes training and also ran the marathon with them.

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