Passo dopo passo is a project for people with haemophilia who need to undergo orthopaedic surgery, established in 2009 when Dr Luigi Solimeno moved to the Policlinico general hospital in Milan. Dr Solimeno is the undisputed world authority on orthopaedic surgery for haemophiliacs and the point of reference for patients all over Italy. Being close to the Hemophilia Centre made haematology assistance easier, but the new division needed secretarial help.

Fondazione Paracelso, once again starting from a need and a circumscribed demand, created a project that revolves around the patient and at the same time facilitates the work of the clinicians:

  • we help to manage the entire hospital process, coordinating the work of haematologists and surgeons, the pre-admission organisation, the stay in hospital for the surgery, and the transfer to first-class rehabilitation facilities (Domus Salutis in Brescia);
  • we have donated to the hospital, for use with haemophilic patients, a Kinetek machine (to mobilise the joint following surgery) and Polar Care cold therapy equipment (which reduces pain and swelling, substantially facilitating the post-operative process) to relieve them of the obligation and cost of hiring;
  • we offer accommodation to patients and family members coming from other parts of Italy in order to reduce their expenses if they need to stay in Milan. more...

Taking this path calls for involvement and expertise. We do it with care, conscious of the uncertainties that often accompany an operation, offering a few words of reassurance or an encouraging pat on the back when required.

For valuable advice and a list of hints and strategies – helpful before going into hospital, during the hospital stay and after the operation – please contact the office, and in particular:

Cristina Ielo, tel. 02 33004126, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The project is supported by Novo Nordisk.

We have accompanied 794 patients since the project began in 2009. About 250 patients are visited every year. (December 2020)

You can see the admission notes for General Surgery Unit I of the Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Milano here:


For information about the services offered at the Casa di Cura Domus Salutis in Brescia:




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