Federazione delle Associazioni Emofilici is the national association representing the patient community at government level.



Associazione Italiana Centri Emofilia is the association of specialist doctors and professionals in the field of congenital haemorrhagic diseases.



Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda - Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico - Milan
The Paracelso Foundation is able to carry out projects of excellence
like Step by Step, Bando 100K and Sans frontières (in Italy and
developing countries such as Afghanistan and Zambia) thanks to its close collaboration with Ospedale Ca' Granda, a point of reference for rare diseases and the headquarters of the "Angelo Bianchi Bonomi" Hemophilia Centre.

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Partecipa Salute

This is the Mario Negri Pharmacological Research Institute project, which promotes discussion forums and scientific studies to realign academic and commercial research and make it more patient-oriented.


World Federation of Hemophilia

For 50 years the World Federation has been supporting a campaign
to improve the treatments for patients suffering from hemophilia
and related bleeding disorders. 

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Thanks to this volunteer and community promotion association, Fondazione Paracelso can ensure a long and continuous rehabilitation process for young haemophilic patients.

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Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus
- Sesto San Giovanni

This is an important Italian centre where haemophilic patients have access to first-class rehabilitation services.

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Domus Salutis - Brescia

Another major Italian centre where haemophilic patients have access
to first-class rehabilitation services, especially following surgery.

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Subema Ortopedia

Thanks to this company specialising in medical products, Fondazione Paracelso can guarantee efficient, timely and personalised provision of orthopaedic aids and medical equipment to haemophilic patients, and to the health facilities looking after their treatment.


Through Cooperativa58 and its oustanding network of professionals, Fondazione Paracelso guarantees home medical assistance to haemophilic patients in particularly critical situations.


Vento di terra

An ONG working in frontier territories far from Italy and intends to development cooperation as a complex relationship between equals, proposing an idea of community linked to the concept of the social, economic and cultural. To them our thanks for helping us to send several units left in Zambia, as part of our projects to international humanitarian aid.


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It's a web channel about medicine dedicated to doctors and patients.

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 Il Vicolo Studio

Recording studio that will care the sound of the advertisement made by Cloverthree.

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